The new tournament location this year is at Lasnamäe Spordikompleks (address Pae 1, Tallinn)! In addition to that, the oldest age category (boys and girls) will play at Kalevi Spordihall (address Juhkentali 12, Tallinn). In each category there are allowed maximum of 2 players who have been born a year prior to the category they are playing in, if the player is born after 1.10. (for example in the age category 2002 there can be max 2 players who have been born in 2001 after 1.10). Also – more great news: men’s supgroup is now opened for registration too! In addition to youth teams we also have men age group this year. Registration can be made through our webpage. Please add “Men” in your registration form. Hope to see you all soon at Tallinn Handball Cup 2020!